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The Acropolis Museum & Parthenon
The Parthenon is without a doubt the most famous landmark of Athens and one of the most popular historic sights all over the world. People come to visit the Acropolis and admire the view from above, overlooking the whole city of Athens and taking a glimpse at the glorious past. This is the cradle of Democracy and the place where many brilliant ideas were born. In order to celebrate the importance of the Parthenon, the modern Acropolis Museum was built and opened its doors to the public in 2008.
The Museum has been awarded multiple praises for its structure and the richness of the exhibits, as well as the innovative educational highlights. There are rare findings from the wider area of the Acropolis on display, depicting the significance of the city center in antiquity. You may walk up the paved street of Dionysiou Areopagitou, so as to reach the museum. Alternatively, there is a metro station named after the Acropolis and serves as the perfect means of transportation for all travelers.
It is worth noting that there are ongoing excavations on the site, meaning that the collections are enriched on a continuous basis. The interior design offers a true masterpiece, with abundant sunlight and ample room for the exhibits to reveal their glory and history. The building is sustainable and even offers direct, undisturbed view to the Parthenon. From time to time, special events are held in the museum, blending various forms of culture. Musical concerts and exhibitions, gallery talks and 3D projections make this museum one of the finest places to visit in Athens. 
Among the highlights of your stay in Athens, a visit to the Parthenon and the modern Acropolis Museum will fascinate you. Surrender to the overwhelming glory of the Athenian past and explore the depths of a prominent civilization.
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