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Athens Classic Marathon
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Ever since ancient times, Athens has been a beacon of culture and inspiration for the rest of the world. Sportsmanship was born in ancient Greece, with talented athletes competing and trying to win the first place in sports. The winners were honored by their hometown as heroes and received the gratitude and respect of all their countrymen. We should not forget that Greece is the mother of the Olympic Games, which celebrate sportsmanship and the eternal effort to excel. In this environment, the Athens Classic Marathon is one of the most famous sporting events all over the world.
Back in the battle of Marathon, a runner called Pheidippides completed the very same route from Marathon to Athens. There, he informed the Athenians that they had won against the enemies and then he passed away from exhaustion. The same route has been covered by athletes, after 1896 with the First Modern Olympics and up till now. Many athletes dream of taking part in this historic race and wish to show their talent and devotion, pushing their body to the limit. The Marathon race attracts significant attention, with reporters traveling to Athens and covering the event. It is broadcast live in multiple countries and is the highlight, among all sports held annually.
Whether you want to participate in the Athens Classic Marathon or admire the athletes as they compete in a historic race, Athens is the perfect destination for you. Visit Marathon, in order to see the place where the historic battle was held and where athletes start their race. And then, go to Kallimarmaro or Panathenaic Stadium for the finish line!
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